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Inspirational, Uplifting Movies on DVD Hand Picked by The Spiritual Cinema Circle

stephen simonMovies from the Spiritual Cinema Circle are specially hand-selected and compiled by a dedicated team of experts. Co-founder Stephen Simon (Producer of What Dreams May Come, Somewhere In Time, All The Right Moves, and Director of Indigo) launched the Spiritual Cinema Circle in 2004 to immediate international success, and today subscribers from over 70 countries enjoy the very best spiritual movies every month.

So What Is Spiritual Cinema?

Firstly and importantly, let me tell you what it is NOT.

Spiritual cinema is not about cheesy or cringey films. It's not about religion. It's not about teaching or preaching. There is no hidden agenda.

You know when you go to the movies to see the latest blockbuster? It's big and exciting, it's in your face, you're on the edge of your seat, wow, what a thrill ride. But most of the time when you leave the theatre you just feel drained. Sometimes even depressed! But mostly the adrenaline rush dies down, and you just feel a bit numb.

Well, spiritual cinema gives you another choice. It's about films that leave you feeling happier, lighter, uplifted. A movie that leaves a positive impression on you. One you walk away from feeling like you just became something a little bit more than you were before. You might even think or feel just a little bit different to the way you did before.

So What Do The Spiritual Cinema Circle Do?

Well, the SCC select and compile the very best inspirational movies. These are films that have played to ecstatic audiences at film festivals the world over. Many have won major awards. But because they are not big budget action thrillers, The Spiritual Cinema Circle is likely to be the only place you will ever get to see them!

How Does It Work?

The SCC view hundreds of movies. Some are from known film makers. Some have had work published by the SCC before. Some have won awards. Some are totally unknown. Some have even been supported by the SCC to help get their work produced.

It doesn't have to be about any specific subject. It doesn't have to be about big budgets. It's simply about being the very best spiritual cinema. Those are the films that make the shortlist.

What Do I Get?

Each month the SCC compile DVD's of 4 of the most uplifting movies. The DVD's are then despatched to eager subscribers all over the world who just cannot wait for the next one to arrive! People just like you and me, who want something a bit more when they watch a movie.

No Risk Free Trial

I know you will truly love these DVD's. So much so that you can try out your first months DVD for Free (worth $21). If you don't mind just a couple of dollars purely to cover shipping costs, you can be watching this months top selection of 4 movies on DVD within the next few days.

So please claim your free trial with the Spiritual Cinema Circle today - I just know that like me you too will love what you see so much that not only will you be eagerly looking forward to next month, so will your family and friends!

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